Are you a betting enthusiast looking for the best way to make your picks in the WNBA? If so, then this guide is just what you need! This article’ll discuss the metrics that should be considered when making WNBA picks today. Read on for more information!

What Is The Most Important Metric To Consider When Making WNBA Picks?

When it comes to making WNBA picks today, there is no one-size-fits-all answer. However, certain metrics can help you make more informed decisions and increase your chances of success. Here are some of the most important metrics to consider when making WNBA picks:

Team Statistics

Team statistics is one of the most important factors to consider when making your WNBA picks. This includes data such as wins and losses, points scored per game (PPG), assists per game (APG), rebounds per game (RPG), field goal percentage (FGP) and defensive rating (DRtg). By reviewing these statistics for each team in a matchup, you can gain valuable insight into how they might fare against each other.

Player Performance

In addition to team stats, individual player performance is important in predicting how teams will perform in a given matchup. Reviewing player stats like points scored per game, assists per game, rebounds per game and field goal percentage can give you an idea of who may have an edge over their opponent. Additionally, paying attention to any recent injuries or suspensions can provide further insight into which players could potentially miss out on action due to injury or disciplinary reasons.

Home Court Advantage

Another metric to consider when making your WNBA picks is home-court advantage. Teams tend to play better at home than on the road because they are more familiar with their surroundings and have more support from their fans. Home-court advantage can often be the deciding factor in which team will come out on top in a match-up, so keep this in mind when placing your bets!

Head-to-head record

Finally, it’s always a good idea to look at each team’s head-to-head record before placing your bets. A particular team may have impressive overall statistics, but if they are consistently struggling against a particular opponent, then it would be wise not to bet on them or expect too much from them when they face that opponent. Always check the head-to-head record of both teams before placing any bets!


Making successful WNBA picks today requires thorough research and analysis of several different metrics, including team statistics, individual player performance and even head-to-head records between two opponents. It’s also worth paying special attention to home-court advantage, as this can often swing the outcome of a match in either direction! Keep all of these factors in mind the next time you decide to place a bet on an upcoming match!