Things to Consider while Preparing Taoist Funeral in Singapore

A Taoist funeral in Singapore usually includes multiple rituals; the ceremony starts with sweeping the hearth and setting up ritual objects, such as plates and bowls of food. It symbolizes the reunion of family members with their loved ones in this life who have already passed away. Then, prayers are made towards heaven for blessings for the deceased and their descendants, which is considered the Taoism funeral rites and rituals and helps people feel relaxed when they visit there.

  1. The place of interment

It is the first thing that people generally think about when planning their funeral. It is often easier to plan when you know where you will be buried or how you will be entombed, but this is not always possible. There are many locations where you can be buried in Taiwan, but not all of them are suitable for the families who will be there to pay tribute to you.

  1. The Order of Service

Another important factor to consider when planning your funeral is which religious leaders will be part of the Order of Service. If you are a Taoist, it is essential to know who will represent this faith in the ceremony, but it’s also important to make sure that this person has the rights and qualifications.

  1. Funeral Flowers

Funeral flowers are important to the grieving family. They help create a special place where they can remember their loved ones and pay tribute. The flowers are also often given as an act of remembrance for the deceased. You must select funeral flower arrangements that signify the personal meaning of the deceased.

  1. Ceremonies

There are multiple rituals in a traditional Taoist funeral, but this does not mean that you have to include all of them in your ceremony. You must select those that have a special meaning towards you or your family members. If there are any restrictions on the number of people who can be at the ceremony, it is important to know this beforehand to plan accordingly.

If you are curious about the significant things you should consider while preparing a Taoist funeral, you can stay focused on the above information.

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